Thanks for stopping by to check out my portfolio. This is constantly being updated with my latest designs and projects. 
Here is a brief bio:
Born and raised in Echo Park, CA. I am a Creative Designer. As a child, I was really into art and anything that had to do with colors and creating things. My passion came from being able to express myself through visual arts. It was something that I was able to do and others appreciated what I did. 
Fast-forward to now, I have started freelancing for about 2 years now and developed a few clients along the way; Latin Marketing Research, Evolution Marketing Research, Datla Medical, Avid Prepaid Visa Card, USEND Mobile app and more. 
I am always looking for ways to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge and experience so if you are interested in hiring me for your next project, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
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